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Application functionality

Does handle Agile development practices also? can be used in an agile environment as well as in conventional SDLC methodologies. The versioning feature of the product is meant for having multiple versions of specifications so that short bursts of agile development that are relevant for business can be executed using specifications modeled in Features like MoSCoW (Must have, Should Have, Can Have Wont Have) have been added in the requirement stage so as to support prioritization of version releases.

While Agile is supported, believes that accuracy of specifications cannot be compromised just because the cycles are shorter. Each shorter version must be specified with models, wireframes and detailed specifications so that the communication between the process users, the specifications team, the delivery team and the testing team has absolute clarity of scope, specifications and interpretation of the specifications. believes that preventing errors at the requirements and specifications stage gives the most benefits to the success of the project.

How were some of the concepts for the product put together?

Almost all the relationships in the product are publicly and commonly known by business users, business process, consultants and software professionals. provides an environment to put them all together in a logical manner so that they can be managed together and if required visualized in a better manner. Wherever required attachments or exports are provided so that the product leverages complementary tools availabsle in the market.

These concepts were proven in many live project environments by Kallos Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and this cumulative knowledge was leveraged to build and support this product.

How does useful for someone following the IIBA’s (International Institute of Business Analysts) BABOK (Business Analysts Body of Knowledge) method.

IIBA prescribes the BABOK methodology for its members, which typically involves the following stages in business analysis prior to software development.

Business Analysis Planning, Enterprise Analysis, Elicitation, Requirements Analysis, Solution Assessment and Validation and Requirements Management and Communication has functionality to cover all these stages, but emphasis is mostly on the last three stages. These are the stages where there is more structure to the requirement, and the need for an integrated tool is vital.

If the structure of the specification content is unique to us, how will you handle it?

We have designed the product generically to handle a wide variety of specification situations. Most probably, all you need is a configuration to change the way the software works to achieve your unique structure or policies.

Do you keep improving the product as time progresses?

We continuously improve the product with time. We ensure that when we add these features, your data is not affected in any manner, and the data is migrated along with the version

Security and Availability

Is my data and process information safe and secure? is hosted in certified and secure data centers, which ensure high standards of security, encryption levels and operational compliance to standards. Redundant backup and disaster recovery processes are also in place so that your application access as well as data is secure.

What kind of availability of the application can we expect?

The data centers on which is hosted provides very high levels of availability. In the past few years, apart from a few scheduled stoppages for less than an hour, the application has always been available.

In case we want to stop, can we extract the data?

All specifications are provided with views and spreadsheet extract tools. This means that you can extract your data at any time at your convenience.

In case we don’t want to use the Cloud version could we buy our own in-premise version?

Yes. The prices of the in-premise version are also available on the pricing page. If your organizations security policies don’t allow hosting it on a provider’s version multi-tenant version you can host the application either on a private cloud or on in-premise servers. Access to the servers would be required by us during the periods of support since physical presence on your server environment is not provided.

Application Access and Configuration

What is needed to run the application?

You only need a PC's with a standard browser (IE, Firefox or Chrome) and an internet connection to access the application. We do expect users to upgrade from older versions of browsers to avoid minor compatibility issues.

What is the maximum limit on the number of users or authors using the system?

You are limited only by the size of your plan which you take when you sign up. The number of authors and co-authors are dependent on the plan, but unlimited number of invitation based reviewers is allowed to review the application. Our applications and hosting environments are geared to take up very large number of employees and users.

Can I select some modules, instead of all the features?

We have only one version since we believe that the entire specifications process, from requirements, specifications, modeling, wire-framing, detailed specifications and extraction should be done in an integrated manner.

Can we switch to an in-premise version later?

Yes, you can switch anytime from a Cloud version to an in-premise version.

Implementation and Support

How will be get trained? How will the software be implemented?

The training is provided using remote screen sharing and web video conference sessions. However, we expect most users to pick up usage of the software using example user accounts, user manuals and other learning tools that we will continually provide. Our primary focus is to make the software as self learnable as possible to business users who understand basic concepts of business process modeling and specifications.

What kind of support can we expect?

We give high priority to support. Our support lines are continuously manned during office hours. We have an issue tracking system that enables tracking of any issue raised. Priority issues have a much faster response time.

Subscription and renewal

What is the minimum period of subscription?

The minimum period of subscription is 3 months. However we recommend subscribing for a longer period to avoid frequent payments, and also to avail of the annual payment discount offered.

Do we get any advantages for subscribing for a longer period?

Yes, annual subscription gives you a discount. The exact discount is indicated in the pricing details page

What happens if the subscription is not renewed?

SaaS version deployments are like rentals, and hence our actions to non-payment are similar. We request that you make payments in advance of the period so as to avoid interactions related to payment and potential stoppage.

Can we pay in another currency?

Currently only payment in USD and Indian Rupees are allowed. We will cater to more currencies into the future.

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