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4th March 2014 : Commercial release launched. commercial version was launched today. Feedback from beta users around the world was incorporated into the product and rigorous quality testing completed before the launch. Most of the feedback was related to making the user experience during specifications an enjoyable one. Features related to collaborative working of teams, use of the software using tablets and simplifying the method of modeling the application were given priority during the beta program. The program involved feedback from experienced users in Canada, US, UK, Australia, Middle East and India. During the beta program some live projects were started by users and continues to be in use during the transition to the commercial version.

According to George Vettath ‘we are now confident that the use of will not only solve the specifications gap problem that’s common place in developing software projects, but also pay off significantly in terms of financial returns through lower effort in development, lower costs, faster time to market, better quality and most importantly close alignment of the software to the intended business need’

15th January 2014 : White paper on ‘Crossing the specifications Chasm’ released

A white paper on ‘Crossing the specifications Chasm’ was released today. The paper identified inadequate requirement specifications as the root reason for the failure of a high percentage of software projects and indicated why many software execution teams could cross the chasm easily. Practical steps to make the crossing easier and use of tools like which went beyond just requirements capture was emphasized in this paper. To download this white paper click here

Dec 27th, 2013 – beta launched

Kallos Solutions released the beta version of today. has been work in-progress for over a year, and the alpha version has been under in testing for over 2 months. With the launch of the beta, potential users can sign up directly to the website for a trial version and use the application for specifying their software projects and products.

This product is primarily meant for business analysts, process owners and consultants to specify business applications in an easy to use collaborative cloud environment. has capabilities of requirements specifications, process modeling, wire-framing, business logic specifications as well as extraction of outputs and diagrams meant for execution teams – either design, development, testing, document or end users. Collaborative specifications enables end user teams, consultants, development and execution teams to collaborate on the cloud, with social media like features to share, review and update.

The beta program will take place for about 30 days, with the primary intent of getting feedback from a selected set of potential users. The live version of the product will be available towards the end of January. According to Mr. George Vettath, Managing Director of Kallos Solutions “Accurate specifications is still one of the key reasons where complex software development project fail. In addition, we see some critical changes in the way specifications are being done, primarily because end users are getting highly demanding in what they want, and also actively participating in the process. This is leading to multiple iterations of specifications, as well as the need for users to see what they are getting before they start the development. Kallos Solutions is leveraging its 10 years of a unique combination of skills in automating business processes in organizations, developing complex applications, in building and deploying Cloud and SaaS applications as well as its product building expertise to bring this product to the global market”.

The product will be available for use by users globally, in English first, on a SaaS model as well as in an In-premise model. Organizations with smaller teams which do not want to set up an infrastructure and buy a product outright can use the SaaS/ Cloud version on a pay per use basis, while organization with larger teams can use the in-premise version. Typical profiles of personnel that can use the product are business analysts, process owners, project managers, business consultants, software architects and similar such roles both in user organizations as well as in delivery organizations.

20th September 2013 : Obtaining feedback from potential partners and customers in London

The alpha version of was shown to potential partners and customers in the Capital Club in the heart of the financial district in London. All the attendees were highly experienced in the global execution of Enterprise Applications. The need for such a product was endorsed, with clear indications that current tools available in the market often left a yawning gap between what the business needed and what was delivered during development. There was a critical need to make business analysts and users to go beyond requirements and go deeper into accurate specifications during the development cycle. Critical product feedback was also obtained with immediate action plans to include the same into the product were drawn up. The primary feedback was related to applicability of collaborative teams during specifications, improved user interfaces, use of mobile devices and security. According to Mr. George Vettath founder of Kallos Solutions, the beta product was expected to be launched between 30 to 45 days.


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