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Software specifications have been around for many decades, and there are a large number of tools available. Yet, the root problem of failure in software projects due to the gap between requirements/ specifications and the actual delivery, has still not been addressed effectively. The Standish report with its annual Chaos Manifesto published annually, continues to report the high failure rate of projects and requirements and cites requirements and specifications related reasons being the root cause still.

Kallos Solutions since its inception of operations since 2003 has zeroed in on accurate requirements gathering and specifications to being the key to successful software delivery and had even built its own internal tools to ensure consistency and quality in delivery. We have continuously innovated on our tools over the years, leveraging the 10 years of project execution that occurred.

In the current decade, something has happened - the problem has just got more critical to solve. We see certain secular trends in the criticality of requirements specifications.
  • Users were getting more vociferous what they needs having tasted highly user friendly consumer software and social media in their daily lives
  • Users wanted to see what there were getting before they agreed on the specifications
  • Requirements and specifications were increasingly being done by business analysts and user champions rather than technical personnel
  • Outsourcing of software development is getting increasingly challenging as projects became shorter and team interaction becomes more critical
  • Enterprise Applications were getting all pervasive with users wanting almost all processes to get automated
  • Increasing Automation of development activities through RAD/ PaaS tools were leading to more time being spent on specifications and wire-framing within the project.
  • Expectations of quality from users were increasing
All this increases the criticality of solving the core problem of software development that’s plaguing the industry - inaccurate specs. So we took what is internal, put it on the cloud, made it easier to use, added a lot of features for use externally, allowed better collaboration and review, structured it, gave it more outputs and here it is, in the form of We expect that this will help solve a large part of the problem, and we commit to keep improving the product for improving the rate of success of enterprise automation projects. Happy usage and keep the feedback flowing - we will keep improving it.

About Kallos Solutions –
Kallos Solutions, has been providing Enterprise Software products and solutions to Medium and Small businesses around the world since 2003. Its solutions are delivered around its own range of enterprise software products. The KServe™ Enterprise software range currently currently consists of the following products

Kallos Solutions ( is the organization that delivers these products, and adapts and implements the solution for customer specific needs. Over 180 solutions have been successfully delivered to customers in worldwide during the past decade.

Project Setup & User Configuration | Requirements | Process Modeling | Wireframing |Collaborate |
Reports & Notification Modeling | Detailed Specifications and Rules |Extract for Project Execution
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